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Reliable sorting
and feeding

Parts feeding technology

Modern production lines must literally be “fed” with small parts. Whether it is screws for an automobile, glass ampoules for medicine or the lid of a shampoo bottle, all these parts must be provided in a predefined position. This task falls into the area of parts feeding technology. And this is exactly where we are at home. It is our task to take on large quantities of the parts to be processed (usually with elevator hoppers), then orient those parts to a predefined position (via vibratory parts feeders) and finally then bring them to a production machine (with our inline feeder systems) for further processing.

Schoch Automation specializes in the development, design and manufacture of all necessary components in the field of parts feeding technology. We deliver turnkey solutions that are exactly tailored to the requirements and wishes of our customers.

Hopper systems

Our hopper systems can be used to take on small parts in larger quantities as bulk material.

Parts sorting systems

Small parts are oriented to a predefined position by our feeder systems.

Inline feeder systems

After orientation, the small parts are transported to a production machine by means of our inline feeder systems.

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Bulk hoppers – Incline conveyors – Dosing elevators
Whether vibratory, operated with chains or conveyor belts, in sizes from 5 to 1000 liters filling volume, we have the right one for you.


We design and manufacture vibratory sorting units according to your task. Whether single or multi-lane, in sizes up to 1 meter in diameter and an output of over 300 parts per minute.

Vibratory feeder technology

One of the most effective methods to feed small parts.

Interchangeable sorting units

Inexpensive, easy and quick to change. Very little storage space needed.

CAD design

Professional design via 3D model, so you can see in advance, exactly what we are building for you.

Inline feeders

We design and manufacture inline feeder and buffer units to suit your task. Whether via vibratory linear conveyors, belt conveyors or air-jet conveyor tracks, we have the right solution for you.

Parts sorting units for your requirements

Bottles | Jars | Tubes | Caps | Pumps | Lids | Brushes | Screws | Nuts | Sheet metal parts